Sunday, 26 May 2013

Great News ... Stockholm isn't burning!

News Flash: 

Reports of unrest and 

disturbances in Stockholm 

may have been exaggerated. 

Stockholm isn't burning.

copyright: Baghdad Bob 

Day five into the Stockholm riots and the world, as viewed from our Stockholm office, has gone crazy. The UK and the US have issued travel warnings for Stockholm. A reporter in the UK contacted me saying he was having trouble getting through to Sweden and wondered in desperation if the networks had all gone down. 

My own mother contacted me from the other side of the world to tell me to keep safe. Other colleagues have reported similar phone calls from worried relatives as news of the unrest has reached their relatives around the globe. Some papers have even run stories headlined "Stockholm Burning". 

But the truth is, it's not. In fact I've never felt safer in the capital. A lunchtime stroll around central Stockholm today showed absolutely no signs of danger, no smoke, no fire, and the only rioting kids I saw were fighting over a basketball. 

Stockholm is not on fire. Let's get that clear immediately.
Not Burning???

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