Sunday, 5 May 2013

Have You Tried The ... Halal Hot Dog?

No Thanks, ... I'll Just Stick With “Hebrew National”

An investigation into illegal trading of dog meat has been launched by the authorities in Morocco after a man from Casablanca was arrested with dog carcasses destined for restaurants.

Police discovered the 37 carcasses in the back of the Honda vehicle of the butcher who was stopped for a routine traffic offence.

The driver told the police that he intended to deliver the meat to restaurants in poorer areas of the city, and that they would most likely be used to make sausages.

According to police, the dogs were "slaughtered, skinned and prepared for processing into sausages," a report in the Mail Online suggested.

This is not the first arrest made by authorities for selling dog meat in Morocco. Earlier in January 2009, a restaurant owner in Casablanca was arrested and sentenced to six years in jail for selling dog meat. The man sold the meat presenting it as beef to his customers.

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