Saturday, 18 May 2013

No Miniskirts, Please ... We're Muslim!

Sharia law can not and should not 

be in the Netherlands

Shocked reactions to the article today in Trouw on the 'Forgotten Triangle in Schilderswijk in The Hague.
"The introduction of Sharia law can not and should not be in the Netherlands," said Labour parliamentarian Keklik Yücel. She believes that the government should immediately intervene in areas where it is likely to develop.
 A Muslim enclave Geert Wilders doesn't want quickly comes a parliamentary debate. Yücel says nearby agents should act as local residents are restricted. neighbors in their freedoms It should also be to the emancipation of women in neighborhoods like the Schilderswijk. 
 The Point of the Sword The situation in the 'Forgotten Triangle has been known for years but lately quite intensified. The part of the district has even got new nicknames: The Sharia Triangle, also called the Point of the Sword.
The standards have changed. The eighteen year old son of resident Wilma (45) has a number of times had the term infidel or kafir been thrown at his head, as he lit a cigarette on the street. Several other residents say that they are held accountable for their clothing. "Skirts above the knee can not and dresses with spaghetti straps are unacceptable." Regularly Muslim women voice their disapproval and say "it's important for women to cover their body because her body is only for her husband."

THE HAGUE - The PVV in The Hague wants the council call back from holiday for an emergency debate on a Muslim enclave in the Schilderswijk. Trouw newspaper reported Saturday that orthodox Muslims call the shots in a part of that neighborhood.
They would appeal to local residents on the street on their behavior. The PVV says he is not surprised but shocked by the news.
Group Chairman (Machiel) de Graaf thinks Hague now rapidly islamicising. The PVV wants next week a debate on the council. The Labour Party and the Freedom Party to the situation in the Schilderswijk also discuss in Parliament.

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