Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lone Wolves of the World ... Unite!!!

... a Pleasant, Quiet Guy!
Controversial preacher Anjem Choudary claims to know one of the Woolwich attack suspects, it has been reported.

Choudary, former leader of the banned banned Al Muhajiroun group, told The Independent he knew one of the men, who was known as Mujahid.

He told the paper: “He was a pleasant, quiet guy. He reverted to Islam in about 2003. He was just a completely normal guy.
"He was interested in Islam, in memorising the Koran. 

He disappeared about two years ago. I don’t know what influences he has been under since then.”
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The BBC and other U.K. media identified one of the suspects as Michael Adebolajo. The Independent newspaper reported today that Adebolajo was known to belong to a banned Islamist organization, Al Muhajiroun, which favors sharia law and publicly celebrated the Sept. 11 bombings in the U.S. He went by the name of Mujahid -- a Muslim engaged in holy war -- up until two years ago, Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the group, was cited as saying by the newspaper. No charges have been filed by police.
It’s the first actual, rather than planned, attack in Britain investigated as a possible act of terrorism since July 7, 2005. Fifty-two people were killed when four Islamist suicide bombers set off explosions on underground trains and a bus in central London during the morning rush hour.
Security was tightened at Woolwich and other London barracks, Cameron’s office said last night. There was no change to the terror threat level in the U.K. from “substantial,” meaning an attack is a “strong possibility,” following the incident, the Cabinet Office said.

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