Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pigs in a Blanket and Bricks in your Windshield

Stoke City Player Puts Bloody Pig Head In Muslim Teammate’s Locker, Responds By Throwing Brick Through Random Player’s Windshield

Irish international defender Glenn Whelan likes to have fun (as the Irish are wont to do). So when teammate Kenwyne Jones told Glenn to keep him out of the end of the year shenanigans, that only stoked the mischievous flames inside the merry prankster. Flames that ultimately crossed the line, because Jones is a Muslim, and Islam isn’t a huge fan of pigs (or humor about Islam).
Despite the “joke” being a completely disgusting, it may not have warranted an irate Kenwyne Jones running out to the team parking lot and throwing a brick through Whelan’s car window. That just makes him look like a bigger asshole. Hit up Twitter if you want to bitch — don’t act out like an angry zealot. More importantly, where the hell did he get a brick from? Do they practice in a Russian prison yard?

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