Saturday, 25 May 2013

There's Nothing Like A Good Old Fashioned Muslim Riot ...

to bring out the Best in Swedish Society, ... is there?
Daniel Spansk elected to the City Council 
Nykvarns as a National Democrat but , 

as of a year ago, now represents the Nazi Swedes party.
Local Swedish Politicians attended Nazi violence campaign

Nazis from several far-right organizations went during Friday evening at Stockholm's southern suburbs to confront the locals. Daniel Spansk who is elected to Nykvarns City Council participated in the violent campaign.

Activists and representatives from among other Nazi Swedish Resistance Movement, Swedes party and National Youth League did during Friday evening join with football hooligans and headed out to the fields in particular Botyrka municipality south of Stockholm. According to them, it was to "do justice" after last week's unrest. The campaign was coordinated through forums on the internet. According to Aftonbladet was 50 Nazis who gathered in the area Storvreten in Botkyrkavägen. There stood up confrontations with locals. - A person has been arrested, eighteen seized and two evicted, said Towe Hägg at police länskommunikationscentral in Stockholm last night to Aftonbladet. One of the Nazis who participated in the violence campaign was Daniel Spanish. Spansk elected to the City Council for Nykvarns National Democrats but represents a year ago Swedes party. Expo Today has tried in vain to reach the Spansk who also sits in the Nazi Party Party Executive for comment. Among the Nazis who participated in the campaign are several who have been convicted of serious violent crimes. Swedish Resistance Movement also calls on its members to carry a knife. In several extreme right sites spread now reports that similar actions will take place on Saturday evening. - We will have a high gain for some time to come, says Kjell Lindgren at the County Police in Stockholm.  Read More Here (Use Google Translate)

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