Saturday, 25 May 2013

Want Less Islamic Radicals? The Answer = More Mosques!

MORE mosques should be built to stop young Muslims becoming radicalised, Australia's Grand Mufti has warned.
Islamic youths are increasingly turning to backyard prayer halls and ``mini mosques'' where self-styled imams are teaching extreme doctrine because there are not enough traditional centres, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed said.
The frequent rejection of building applications not only meant the number of mosques can't keep pace with the growing needs of the faith but also led to increasing isolation and anger among Muslims, who felt they were being rejected.
Dr Mohamed said his long-term vision, along with the Australian National Imams Council, was to build mosques large enough to accommodate gyms, lecture halls and facilities for women and children.

``People need to understand a mosque is not a source of threat,'' he said. ``A mosque is not a radicalising factor. A mosque is a source of security. A person who has a connection to a mosque is also a person who is law-abiding, who is respectful to others.

``If you look at the percentage of Muslims in Australia and the number of churches and mosques in terms of representation, there is a vast difference. There are a lot of churches but on the percentage of Muslims there are not enough mosques to cater to their needs.'' more here

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