Thursday, 27 June 2013

Charity Rejects EDL Donation To Save Dying Child

EXCLUSIVE: Charity rejects £6,000 donation to dying child over EDL links


EDL leader Tommy Robinson had raised close to £6,000 for Amelia-Mae

Little Amelia-Mae Davies is in desperate need of life-saving surgery that costs over £250,000 and will not be funded by the NHS.

A JustGiving fundraising page, which was set up by Tommy Robinson's friend and stated the EDL leader would be participating in fundraising events, has now been made unaccessible.

The charity has refunded the £5798.87 raised and has also offered to reimburse Amelia-Mae's appeal with the money raised by Robinson so far from the charity's general funds.

However, Robinson has slammed the charity's decision, stating:
"They're giving back money from a girl that is going to die, it's mad to me."

"I don't care if the charity hammers us as an organisation, just don't give the money back," he said.
He argued the family are not EDL supporters, and added he had no association with them before attempting to donate to their public appeal.

A spokesman for the family said: "We would take money from anyone regardless of race, religion or political standing."

"This is a race against time and we are desperate for help."

"We appreciate everything Tommy did, but we also don't want ostracize the charity."

The EDL leader has declared he will continue to do all he can to raise money for Amelia-Mae.

"Whether the charity likes it or not, I'm putting on an Amelia t-shirt and raising awareness," he said.

"This isn't about me, this isn't about the EDL, I'm doing this as a dad."

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