Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Come Join Us! ... and Walk!

Walk of Honour

Just Say No!
 ... to The "Peace" Train!


This Armed Forces Day, Saturday 29th June, EDL Leaders Tommy Robinson and Kev Caroll will be undertaking a 17-mile ‘Walk of Honour’ to show continued support for those courageous men and women who tirelessly fight for our freedom.

Our government has a sorry tradition of taking our brave soldiers for granted and rewarding them, when they return from battle, with more cuts and disbanding of the regiments that they feel so proud to be a part of. It is our duty as patriots to show them that we support them fully for the sacrifices they make in our name.

The main purpose of the walk is for Tommy and Kev to raise as much money as possible for an Armed Forces charity organisation. Tommy Robinson had originally planned the walk to raise money for Help 4 Heroes. Unfortunately they decided that political correctness was more important than charity, and refused to accept any donation. In order to avoid our chosen charity being pressured into a similar decision, its identity will remain confidential for the time being.

The walk will follow a route that is not for the faint-hearted and has the possibility to create headline news before its conclusion in Woolwich. Tommy and Kev will be walking alone through some of the most dangerous neighbourhoods of London   A scary prospect for any man but for the two leaders of the EDL; they are brave men.  They will both be carrying wreaths as a sign of respect on this momentous day.

We ask that all members of the English Defence League join Tommy and Kev for the last mile of the walk for an epic demonstration in Woolwich at 2pm.  All patriots and members of the public are welcome to join in for the last mile. read more here

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