Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi is expected to say in a

speech on Wednesday that hundreds of former regime 

members are conspiring against him, and will disclose some 

of their names, according to exclusive information obtained 

by Al Arabiya.
Mursi will also say that leaders of the opposition National Salvation Front, such as Mohamed ElBaradei and Hamdin Sabahi, have rejected concessions by him, including high-profile positions.
The president will reiterate calls for dialogue with the NSF.
The opposition is planning mass protests on June 30 - the first anniversary of Mursi’s presidency - calling on the elected leader to resign.
However, he will refuse to do so or allow early presidential elections, according to the leaks.
The opposition accuses the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Mursi hails, of hijacking the revolution that toppled his predecessor Hosni Mubarak.
Brotherhood supporters are planning mass counter-demonstrations.
Egypt’s army recently warned that it will not allow the country to descend into chaos, and will intervene if necessary.

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