Saturday, 29 June 2013

Culturally Insensitive and Inappropriate

... In Her Own Words
... With Subtitles!

SH*T Bengali Moms Say

This video doesn't represent ALL bengali mums! It's nothing but comedy, with some parts exagerrated and some inspired by our own mothers! There's some dirty language used in the end of the video purely for humour purposes only. In reality we avoid cursing in bengali and also cursing/swearing in general so we don't encourage it.

I understand that everyones entitled to their own opinion, so a word of advice - If you have nothing positive or nice to say, then don't say it. Don't be someone who puts people down, that doesn't make you a good person. We're all bengalis at the end of the day, so lets support eachother and be a good community on youtube, instead of cursing/harshly criticising one another because that doesn't benefit anyone!

If kindness isn't in your nature and you still feel the need to say something mean, go ahead. It doesn't affect us, but we'll delete it and then BLOCK you muhahaha if

FYI: We come from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh but born and bred in Newcastle!!
Just so you know, not every british talks like the Queen of England. Every region has it's own dialect and ours is the Geordie dialect.

Parody based on "Shit Moms Say" Here's our version of bengali mums out there (sylheti mums to be exact) in subtitles!

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Special thanks to
My mum for borrowing us her clothes & glasses! hehe

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