Thursday, 6 June 2013

EDL Response to Mosque Burning

EDL Response To An Alleged Arson Attack

English Defence League
When you read most of the papers today or hear about a fire that has completely destroyed a mosque in Muswell Hill London, you will generally read and hear about "connections" to the English Defence League.
You will read opening salvos like.....

  • Counter-terrorism police are investigating a suspected racially motivated arson attack on a Somali community centre in Muswell Hill, north London, by a far-right group amid fears of a backlash against the Muslim community following the Woolwich terror attack.
  • Investigators are examining the wreckage of the damaged Bravanese Welfare Centre in north London after the three letters EDL – English Defence League - were found freshly painted on the building’s outside walls, according to the centre’s leaders and police.
    Unfortunately this is no strange occurrence, in as much as the media "want" it to be an act of arson committed by a so-called member of the EDL. 
    Perhaps the EDL actually sitting down and talking with the Muslim community has become somewhat "problematic" for our detractors to digest or even accept? Perhaps the best way of alienating us further is to come out with aspersions and links of arson to stop us from gaining any momentum within the Islamic community?
    Well it won't work!
    We have (for many years now) been in contact with various Muslim individuals, groups and organisations. We want to engage with the "right" kind of Muslims in the UK. Ones that respect our heritage, our culture, our rule of law and our armed services. We may not agree on everything but we can and do agree on many things. Recent events have undoubtedly proven this, for example our East Anglian Division leaders sitting down and talking with Muslims in an honest and open way about the theological aspects of the Islamic faith, the role that Muslims can play to stem the tide of Islamic extremism, the nature and role of the EDL and it's wider effect on the Muslim community, and also the EDL's disgust at the lack of action in combating Islamic extremism from the Muslim community itself.
    Unfortunately the EDL have been accused of firebombing property in Luton and daubing "EDL" graffiti on the scene. It was something we strenuously denied time and time again but the UK media didn't want to fully articulate our protestations, they decided it wasn't newsworthy enough, or perhaps, it didn't fit in with their particular view of us. Politics getting in the way of truth perhaps?
    Luckily, after many cases of property getting burned with EDL graffiti at the scene of the crime and community cohesion at breaking point, arrests were made.  The perpetrators were MUSLIM!!!!!
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