Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fascists, Friends and Felony Homicide

Cambridge UAF Accuse EDL of ‘Wreath Laying Tactics’

... Well, You Know What The Prophet Said:

"War is Deceit"    

The Cambridge arm of Unite Against Fascism (CUAF) took no time in promoting their own agenda and spreading their own version of hate after a silent walk for Lee Rigby took place without incident in the city at the weekend. They accused the English Defence League of ‘wreath laying tactics’ and the age old line of ‘stirring up racism and hatred’.  Despite the small turnout of patriots and members of the public that walked in slience to lay wreaths and flowers before leaving, the CUAF feel the need to hold a ‘public meeting’ later this week.

Let's examine the context. On Saturday the 1st of June, the EDL organised nationwide silent walks to city centre memorials. Members of the general public were invited to pay their respects to a soldier who had been killed on the streets of London, where he should by rights have been safest of all.

EDL slogans and banners were, with a few possible exceptions, kept out of these events. EDL chants and any political rhetoric were strictly prohibited. Apart from enabling the public to show their own convictions en masse, the EDL's involvement was very limited.

So it is with considerable amusement that we hear of Richard Howitt, Cambridge MEP, being "sickened by the EDL trying to make political capital out of the Woolwich attack." Yet at the same time, a CUAF spokesman claimed to have "countered the EDL's wreath-laying tactics".

Yes, let's not forget that the same UAF who complain bitterly about politicising the death of a soldier, turned up at the same memorial grounds to wave their banners and make their own political views heard. Can they not see the irony? The hypocrisy?

...  the conduct of the UAF in these protests was appalling. Up and down the country, the UAF broke minutes of silence to delight us with their own charming brand of debate: ugly threats and abuse, of course, with the odd bottle thrown in for good measure.

For example, the UAF adherents in Manchester kept things classy with their normal slogan, “Nazi Scum Off Our Streets”. It is the mating cry of the juvenile UAF hipster in his prime. It’s practically the only slogan they know. If only they took their own advice, the streets of England would have been much quieter and much safer that day as this BBC report also shows.

The most extreme example of blatant UAF fascism has to be their response in Sheffield. They blocked EDL supporters and neutral city folk from even reaching the memorial, and boasted about it. When the police tried to clear a path for the memorial procession, the UAF and its confederates engaged in what they like to call ‘civil disobedience’, and what we call a breach of the Police Act preventing the assault of police officers, as well as breach of the Public Order Act preventing the violent escalation of protests. Finally, to top it all off, they picked up Lee Rigby’s flowers and wreaths, tearing them up or throwing them in the air. How very noble.

They do 'respect' their Islamist allies. After all, the EDL is an enemy of theirs, and the enemy of their enemy is their friend; their crazy fanatical friend with a deep hatred for infidels and a reputation for stabbing their allies in the back. What a fantastic strategy.

And that must be their strategy. Why else would their vice-chair be Azad Ali? A man who waxes lyrical about his love for al-Qaeda and the killing of British troops?

What about Michael Adebolajo, that Quran-thumping psycho who actually killed Lee Rigby in the first place? Surely the distinguished buffoons of the UAF remember his inspiring rants for their 2009 Harrow demonstration? Some really stirring stuff; I can already feel bile churning in my stomach.

With anti-fascists like Azad Ali and Michael Adebolajo, who needs fascists anyway?

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