Tuesday, 11 June 2013

German TV: Are There Radicalized German Muslims in Syria?

Published on Jun 11, 2013

... And the news report does everything in its power to avoid the truth and facts even though it was they who were attacked. Sanctimony is a powerful drug indeed.

A camera crew of Germany’s state-run media group ARD came Friday under a violent street attack of Islamist radicals outside an Offenbach mosque in the state of Hessen, close to Frankfurt-am-Main.
A member of the ARD TV-channel team told the Voice of Russia’s German agency the assault came after the journalists inquired after a group of young militants who were reportedly preparing to take part in Syrian unrest.
“Before shooting the interview we set a meeting with the mosque’s imam,” an ARD journalist told the Voice of Russia. “The Friday prayer had just finished by the time we arrived at the mosque. As we were waiting for the imam outside, people started to encircle us. They had apparently been alerted to our arrival. Several minutes later we were attacked.”
“They were mostly targeting our equipment. They apparently wanted to prevent the interview from taking place, so it was our cameraman and camera assistant who were wounded as a result.”

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