Thursday, 20 June 2013

Stone The Prosties and Let The Johns Walk!

Published on Jun 18, 2013
Tom Trento and Pamela Geller present for first-time broadcast a video EXPOSE' that the amazing United West investigative team of Alan Kornman and Randy McDaniels put together back in 2011. 

This story is simply, the New York Times is so blind to Islamic Jihad that they could not see it if they... INTERVIEWED IT! 

Which they did in the person of Sinclair Hejazi Abdus-Salaam. The NYT presented a "heart-warming" look at a "wonderful" Muslim, who no longer has a place to pray because (Pamela Geller) won't let Imam Rauf build his victory mosque at Ground Zero in New York! America, this expose' is a perfect illustration of the stupidity of the left as they ignore the DOCTRINE of Islam in their efforts to defend Islam. Logically, it cannot be done, even by the paper of (a bad) Record.

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