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I Think The Meeting Went Well

Published on Jun 5, 2013

"Public Discourse in a Diverse Society" Raw video
Federal Bureau of Investigation and the DOJ held a meeting to tell Tennesseeans about Political Islamists rights. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council) were at the meeting.

Bill Killian

Atlas Shrugs
Last night was a triumph for freedom and freedom lovers everywhere. Almost 2,000 patriots stood down the Department of Justice. The increasingly out-of-control Obama adminstration got the message that his war on our freedoms would be met with fierce resistance. This is the "American Spring." This is the American freedom defense initiative.
Our AFDI Rally coverage here. Event coverage here.
Tenn geller sign
The rule was no signs were allowed in the conference. Ha! I am surprised Killian didn't arrest me for my 'inflammatory" sign.
U.S. Attorney Bill Killian gave a power point presentation on hate crimes and hate speech. From beginning to end it was full of condescension, smears, charges that the crowd was racist, and thinly-veiled threats that truthful speech about Islam could be prosecuted. Never once did he address the fact that people aren't concerned about Muslims because of racism and xenophobia, but because of the reality of jihad terror and the uniform denial and obfuscation, and victimhood posturing, that follows from Muslim communities after every jihad attack. Killian even stooped so low as to claim a sharp rise in "religiously-motivated hate crimes," without ever informing the crowd that he was lumping in anti-Semitic hate crimes (which are at worldwide record levels, largely due to Islamic antisemitism) with anti-Muslim hate crimes.
FBI data shows “hate” crimes in Tennessee, including against Muslims, is half the the national average, 0.6 v. 1.5/100,000 (source: FBI). But Killian was spouting pure Islamic supremacist propaganda. He told the audience that despite 50 prosecutions and convictions of hate crimes in his district, "far too many people are still repeating the same vicious acts against the Arab-Muslim ... " This is the ruse the DoJ is using to restrict free speech. Killian said that if someone makes threats of violence, "that is not protected speech and they will be prosecuted." Mr. Killian, I have a file of threats three inches thick, but those threats and the spike in anti-semitic threats and violence are of no import to you and your jackbooted thugs. Are you meeting with Jewish groups and going around the state and the nation stumping for Jews? Ha!
The fact is, the only interest Killian has in the dramatic rise in anti-semitic attacks is in being able to group it in with all "religious-based" violence so as to make the case for hate speech laws banning anti-Islamic rhetoric. That is sharia law. Mind you, this all stems from a bad joke that a local politician made on facebook. A joke is the impetus for the criminalization of our most protected freedom -- speech.
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