Saturday, 8 June 2013

In Lincoln (UK) They "Just Say NO" ... to Mosques!

Heavy police presence for anti-Islam protest march in Lincoln

An anti-Islam protest organised by the East Anglian Patriots took place in Lincoln today.
Police say several hundred protestors gathered in City Square from around 12.45pm this afternoon.
The group had said they expected up to 600 to attend to protest against the building of a mosque in Boultham Park Road.
Police officers were drafted in from Nottinghamshire, Thames Valley, Northamptonshire and the Metropolitan Police to join their colleagues from Lincolnshire.
Protestors gathered in City Square to listen to speeches from selected 
members of the group.

One said: "We have got to stop the onslaught of Islam. If not, your children and grandchildren will have no future in this country.
"Muslims want to take over the world, they want world domination.
"If this mosque is built, there will be no English people in three to five years in the area around it as it will all be Muslim."
Another said: "England has become a battleground and if we do nothing then your children will be wearing Burkas.
"Make no mistake we can change things. Next time there won't be hundreds there will be thousands.
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Even in the middle of a riot they have to stop and pray 

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