Tuesday, 11 June 2013

It’s not going to end pretty! ... What Choice Do We Have?


BBC criticised over Today interview with EDL leader Tommy Robinson

The BBC has been criticised for carrying out an interview with Tommy Robinson, the leader of the far-right group the English Defence League, on Radio 4 this morning.
Some listeners branded the interview on the Today programme ‘misguided and irresponsible’, with criticism the corporation didn’t provide a counter-argument to Robinson’s comments.
During the interview on Tuesday morning, Robinson called for all aspects of Sharia Law to be outlawed and the detention of Islamic extremists.

He claimed the ‘non-Muslim working-class communities’ in Britain did not have a voice and warned of the perceived situation – ‘it’s not going to end pretty’.
He also acknowledged some of the EDL’s tactics were ‘completely questionably’, but added: ‘What choice do we have as working-class people’.
Robinson said he ‘utterly condemns’ attacks on Muslims and denied his far-right group had been behind the attack on an Islamic community centre in Muswell Hill last week, which saw the building burned to the ground.
EDL graffiti was found on the building, but Robinson told the BBC: ‘If something was set fire and someone wrote David Cameron on the side of it, does it mean he did it?
‘If I’m honest, I’m completely sceptical that it is even non-Muslims that have done that.’

Tommy Robinson acknowledged some of the EDL’s tactics were ‘completely questionably’

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