Sunday, 16 June 2013

Join The EDL Today!

Published on Jun 9, 2013

This is a video for promoting the EDL. Join today before its too late.

10/06/2013, NEW Promotion. English Defence League

The English giant is awakening, and when the giant does awaken there is no turning back. We will not surrender. We want our country back. We want it back NOW.

The response from the butt-hurt people from these type are videos are the replies below.

1. You're a Football hooligan - No we stand up for our country.
2. You're a retard you cannot spell - Its the fucking internet if you've got a fucking problem say it to our faces.
3. You're a racist. - No we are telling the truth, its not all Muslims but ISLAM is the main priority we are targeting here as other religions are fine and dandy with our British laws, but no not the Muslims they want sharia law in the UK. its simply not going to happen. 4. Do some research on ISLAM - We have and its a fucking disgraceful what these Muslims extremists get up too.
5. You're Scum - We are the true English that aren't scared to defend our country, not like the too goody two shoes who suck up to the victims thinking something bad will happen.. get a fucking Grip before its too late.

(This isn’t my video, and this video is not intended to be racist)

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