Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Just 'Plane' Fun ... or a Terrorist Attack?

German authorities staged raids Tuesday after uncovering an alleged Islamist plot to carry out bomb attacks using model airplanes, federal prosecutors said.

Elite police units stormed nine sites in southern and eastern Germany as well as Belgium based on suspicion of "preparation of grievous acts of anti-state violence" as well as money-laundering, the federal prosecutor's office in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe said in a statement.

The searches targeted two men of Tunisian origin "suspected of acquiring information and objects with the aim of carrying out radical Islamist explosives attacks using remote-controlled model airplanes".

About 90 police officers took part in the raids early Tuesday, based on warrants issued by two German judges and carried out on the orders of the chief federal prosecutor's office and prosecutors in the southwestern city of Stuttgart.

Beyond the two men of Tunisian extraction, the searches also targeted four of their alleged contacts "on suspicion of financing militant jihad" as well as a fifth person accused of money-laundering.

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