Saturday, 29 June 2013

London: A Tale of Two Cities

Duplicitous and Shameful!

... Tommy Robinson Is Given Restrictions!
... Arrested!

... While Anjem Choudary's Mob Walks Freely
... Spews Hatred!

Carrying billowing black flags, Anjem Choudary's banned group of extremists stomped past the Lebanese cafes and phone accessories shops along north London's Edgware Road, just weeks before the brutal killing of a British soldier Lee Rigby on the other side of the city.
The cleric's ragged band of foaming-mouthed supporters has 

pounded British pavements for years, but this time, the 

protest was different. It wasn't a picket of Remembrance Day, 

or a complaint about cartoons.
The target was other Muslims.
anjem choudary
Anjem Choudary led the first Muslim sectarian protest on British streets
On the surface, it was a demonstration in support of the rebels in Syria. In reality, the objective was to intimidate members of the minority Shia Muslim community in the UK, Muslims whom followers of Choudary's brand of extreme Salafist Sunni Islam do not consider true believers.
Activists carried banners rallying against the "Shia Enemies of Allah" and police had to be called to the scene when members of the group apparently attacked a man who was Shia, hitting him almost a dozen times. (Video Here)
More on the East London Mosque

How Dare The Cameron Government:

...  Ban Free Speech By Denying Geller and Spencer Access To The U.K.


... Assaulting and Arresting Tommy Robinson For Wanting To Honour The Memory Of A Victim Of Islamic Hatred!

Mire Pictures of Attacker Here

Background on Attacker  

This is Richard Purcell from the Cowley club in Brighton, the guy who tried to attack Tommy and Kev today and was responsible for their arrests.

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