Saturday, 29 June 2013

Londonistan: Sharia Compliant Zones Now Policed


This morning, the police arrested both Tommy and Kev outside Aldgate East tube station, just outside
the Tower Hamlets border. As they were being bundled into a Black Maria, Tommy protested, “You couldn't make this up. The whole world is watching. All we want to do is complete our sponsored walk. Is this freedom in 2013?"

Tower Hamlets is a London borough that has become renown for its Islamic links. The elected Mayor, Luftur Rahman, has been accused of using intimidating tactics to gain power. A Channel 4 Dispatches documentary revealed in 2010 that Luftar achieved the position with the help of the Islamic Forum of Europe. The IFE are based at the East London Mosque and work to create a Sharia state in Britain.
Luftur has since diverted huge sums of taxpayer money to fund IFE organisations. Since his rise to power, Luftar has been linked with fraud, homophobia and even using council funds to advertise a training centre closely connected with Anjem Choudary. His long list of misdemeanours are documented in Andrew Gilligan’s Telegraph blog.

It is of great concern that a man with such strong Islamic views has access to a budget of £962million of taxpayer money. But, despite all of the evidence against Luftur, it seems that the criminals are Tommy Robinson and Kevin Caroll for daring to attempt to walk through this London borough. The police have denied time and time again that no-go areas do not exist within Britain but clearly this is not the case.

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