Sunday, 23 June 2013

Not Racist ... Not Violent ... No Longer Silent

Published on Jun 23, 2013
The English Defence League (EDL) have stated that they intend to carry out a peaceful demonstration in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, on Saturday 20th July 2013.

Known among Muslims as “the best place in Europe to be pure Muslim,” Birmingham has become a literal hotbed of Islamic extremist activity. The police may abandon the entire east side of England’s second largest city, but the English Defence League will not.
Anyone who has followed the news in recent years will be aware of the troubles the city has faced.  Three of the most memorable are:
  1. 2000 17 November: Police arrest Moinul Abedin. His Birmingham house contained bomb-making instructions, equipment, and traces of the explosive HTMD. A nearby lock-up rented by Abedin contained 100 kg of the chemical components of HTMD. - cite_note-29

  2. 2011 15 November:  West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit arrested four people from Sparkhill Birmingham on suspicion of committing terrorist offences. The four men appeared in court in Westminster London on 19 November 2011 charged with terrorism offences. They were named as Khobaib Hussain, Ishaaq Hussain and Shahid Kasam Khan, all 19, and Naweed Mahmood Ali, 24. They were charged with fundraising for terrorist purposes and for travelling to Pakistan for terrorist training.

  3. 2012  30 June: Five Muslims plotted to bomb an English Defence League rally in Dewsbury but arrived late and were arrested when returning to Birmingham. A sixth was also convicted. - cite_note-53
Why is there an ‘occupied territory’ or a ‘no-go area’ in the heart of our second largest city?  Why is it somehow acceptable for us to surrender an area of any of our cities just because a fraction of the population there does not want to live in harmony with its neighbors?  

The time to bring this to a halt is now.  We do not want to drive Muslims out of Birmingham, nor do we want to eradicate Muslim culture from the area.  What we do want is for all of our children to be safe from crime, harassment and exploitation. We want to be able to walk the streets without worrying about being assaulted, and we certainly want to be able to make our own decisions on matters of faith.  

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