Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pakistani Pres: ... I Must Avoid Evil Spirits Dangling Above My Head

Pakistani President Responds to "PIR" Pressure and Cancels Ambassadorial  Functions

For President Asif Ali Zardari acting upon the advice of his Pir (spiritual mentor) is more important than receiving foreign ambassadors. At least, it seems so in the backdrop of recent events.
Sources told that President Zardari’s travel plans twice delayed the ceremony where eight ambassadors were supposed to present their credentials.
The ambassadors of China, Brunei, Lebanon, Uruguay and four other countries have been waiting for more than two weeks to present their credentials.
Under diplomatic norms, the envoys cannot commence their formal diplomatic activities unless they present their credentials to head of the state.
Sources said the presidency issued the schedule for the ceremony three weeks ago that was supposed to take place in Islamabad. Meanwhile, the president had left for Karachi forcing the protocol staff to cancel the ceremony.

It was reported the president flew from the hilly federal capital on the advice of his Pir who wanted him to stay close to the seashore for “good-luck” and to ward off ‘some evil spirits dangling over his head.’

... The Pakistanis Sure Do Love Their Prez

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