Friday, 21 June 2013

Rape ... Law and Freedom

Britons Never Shall Be Slaves

Law and Freedom Foundation
A mosque is not merely a place of worship. Islamic doctrine requires the application of Islamic law within its geographical reach. As homosexuals, Jews, and those attached to freedom of speech discover, Islamic law claims supremacy over the conduct of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It mandates violence against those who resist it. British common law is clear that there can be no justification for: the preaching of sedition; claims that women, Jews, homosexuals or non-Muslims are inferior and can be abused; the call for persecution or murder of Muslim apostates.
The social harmony of Britain is premised on a belief in equal worth regardless of creed, sexuality, opinion or race. The reality of Islamic doctrine does not concur with such a view. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either deliberately misleading, or pretending to understand a subject of which they are ignorant. The day-to-day consequences are now observable in communities across the country, where theologically unrepentant mosques have advocated intimidation, discrimination, and gender inequality.

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