Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Religious Reading Materials Refused to Suffering el-Andalusian Muslims

Re-conquest of el-Andalus Suffers Setback as Brave Terrorists  Jihadis get Caught in Deceitful Occupier Force Raid!

  • Suffering Muslim Faithful Are Outraged Over Religious Reading Materials Being Confiscated By Brutal Occupying Entity!

The National Police have arrested this morning in Barcelona five people of Tunisian origin whom they accuse of engaging in jihadist propaganda, after anti-terrorist agents would have appreciated that this group had radical Islamist ideology.
According to the Ministry of Interior, the five detainees who have been transferred this afternoon at the National Court, constituted a group devoted to spreading jihadist multimedia content, such as speeches of Bin Laden or Al-Zarqawi, videos of attacks or instructions to make explosives.
The arrests were made in the neighborhoods of El Raval Barcelona, ​​Encants and La Mina, where police have been three homes and a shed in which he lived among those arrested.
The agents have seized material would show that those arrested had spread over 400 files with photographs, videos and texts with images of bombings, terrorist leaders speeches, instructions for making explosives and shooting training mujahideen.
All this material was accompanied by reviews that was exalted terrorism and its perpetrators, according to police, during the investigation has noted "a strong process of self-radicalization" in the group, especially after a recent trip one of them to Tunisia.
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