Monday, 10 June 2013

Syria: A Zero Sum End Game?

It's just a case of the devil you know, isn't it? 
Although there's a Sunni majority, it seems that the Christians, Shiites (Alawites, Twelvers and Ismailis) as well as a large number of the secular Sunnis would feel relieved to have an Assad government option. ... Fewer Beheadings and all that! 
In the end, it's all taqqiya! ... Assad's (Alawite) Terrorists lie, Jabhat Al Nusra's (Sunni) Terrorists lie, Hizbullah's (Twelver Shiah) Terrorists lie, and Obomya's best solution is to send arms to the Sunni (Salafi-Wahabi) Terrorists.

 ... This is a Zero-Sum Game! 

 ... There Just Aren't Really Any Good Guys On The Playing Field           

 ... It's just Death and Destruction!

 ... A Religious War to Find The Last Man Standing

 ... So Much For Islam being Dar-al Salam!

 ... Looks More Like Dar-al Harb about to go Viral!

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