Friday, 28 June 2013

The Jewel In The Hijab

Published on Dec 31, 2012

The Islamic conquest of India is the bloodiest in the history of the world. When Muslim Jihadis attacked Mumbai in 2008 it was yet another attack in the long line of 1300 years of Islamic terror attack on India. In fact it was a small attack compared to massacres of tens of thousands of Hindus In a single day carried out in the long history of attack on India that started as more and more countries native populations were converted to Islam by force , the newly Islamized countries then attacked India like Mohammad Bin Qasim , Mohd Gajni , Mohd Khaljii , Timur lang etc.

The Islamic invasion India was exceptionally brutal to the natives of a land of Hindusi Sikhi and Buddhists because unlike the people of the book like Jews and Christians , these people were lowest of the low 'idolators' considered worthy only of death . The invaders would kill in the name of Allaha and become 'Gaji' by killing the idolators , even if they died in this holy conquest they would become martyrs.

In 1500's Mughal rule began in India and people were given incentives to convert to Islam through degrading 'Dhimmi ' laws and budrensom 'JIjia' taxes. They continued their bigotry and degrading of Hinud's and giving them derogatory status , Aurangjeb was the most barbaric demolishing thousands of Temples.

In the Modern Era this massacre and loot has continued . As the British left Inida , Muslims demanded a spate land and India was portioned. Pakistan based its country on basis of Kuran against India which declared itself a secular Democratic state , half a million people died in the partition.

At time of partition there were 20% Hindu's in Pakistan who were murdered , expelled , legally marginalized , forcibly converted , their temples destroyed and this percentage has now failed to less than 2%.

Pakistanis test books vilify Hindus and incite violence against them , encourage jihad and martyrdom , glorify war and use of force , encourage prejudice bigotry and prejudice towards minorities , women and other nations.

In Bangladesh Hindu population has seen similar decline , During Pakistan -- Bangladesh war the Pakistani forces were specially biased against Hindus , 98% rapes in Bangladesh are against Hindu women , Hindu temples are vandalized and people forcibly converted .
The opposite has happened in India the Muslim population has exploded here and the vote bank power stops the ruling government to criticize the Muslim population.

But the attacks from Islamic Pakistan and Kashmiri Islamic groups and Islamic groups of India continues into India be it Indian Mujahideen , or Kashmiri Islamic group Lashkar e taibba , students Islamic movement in India etc.

Islamist however remain accountable to nothing but the Kuran and population of India is held hostage to Islamic extremists who value death as we value life.

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