Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Jews Just Can't Take A Joke!

Why are you getting so upset?
 ... It's just a cartoon!
 ... You're over reacting,
 ... just like the Muslims! 

New York Post

Drawing distinctions

By now you’ve read about the rampaging Jewish mobs threatening to kill European newspaper editors for a cartoon ridiculing the religious rite of circumcision.
What, you missed it?
That’s because no such thing has happened. Yes, there have been angry condemnations of the cartoon run by Dagbladet, Norway’s second-largest tabloid, as anti-Semitic. But there’s been no violence, no mobs, no blood.
Even so, Dagbladet editors are likening the Jews protesting their cartoon on circumcision to the Muslims offended in 2005 by a now-infamous cartoon lampooning the prophet Mohammed that appeared in a newspaper in neighboring Denmark. The two groups, says Dagbladet, are guilty of a “similar reaction.”
In fact, the reactions couldn’t be more dissimilar.
Dagbladet’s cartoon shows two Jews mutilating a blood-spattered infant with a fork and bolt cutter while professing their faith. Pretty disgusting stuff. Yet despite the sharp complaints, there’s been no violence, and no editor at the Oslo daily has been forced to go into hiding from the Jews.

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