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The Old Bailey, June 6, 2013

Published on Jun 4, 2013
It is less than a month after the sentencing of Irfan Naseer, a ringleader of radical Muslims who planned to set off eight to ten explosives in an effort to replicate the 7/7 bombings, but on the 6th of June the Old Bailey will contemplate the sentences of another group of Muslim radicals hailing from the same Birmingham community.
On the 30th of June last year, five Muslim men stepped into a Renault Laguna and drove towards Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. In their car was a note and a flyer of an EDL demonstration, along with an improvised explosive device, two shotguns and a sword.
The men, who intended to violently disrupt a demonstration of more than 750 supporters of the English Defence League, arrived late after protesters had gone home. Only one of the terrorists, Mohammed Hasseen, had been there prior to his accomplices, possibly to observe the intended victims who were simply there to stand up for what they believe in. If the plans had succeeded, many innocent patriots would have given their lives simply for attending a peaceful demonstration.
Think about that for a moment. This year alone, many critics of Islam have survived unscathed due to sheer luck, although some would rather call it divine intervention. In Germany, an organisation called Pro-NRW often holds protests against radical Islam. They are known throughout their country for parading around with cartoons of the prophet Muhammad and their election-program states they view Islam as “eine eminente Bedrohung für unsere Demokratie” which translates as “an imminent threat to our democracy”.
In March this year, several Muslim radicals were apprehended by German Police, two of those radicals were heading towards the home of Pro-NRW leader Mark Beisicht carrying explosives. After a search of the homes of the suspects, it turned out the radicals planned to target other Pro-NRW affiliates. A month prior to this event, journalist and author Lars Hedegaard was shot walking out the door of his home in Denmark. A follower of the “religion of peace” pretended he was a postman delivering a package, when he came in range he fired a shot and missed. During a scuffle the assassin attempted to pull the trigger once more, but fortunately the pistol jammed.
Our Yorkshire regional officer was attacked twice only a few weeks ago. The second assault took place in her own home where two men assaulted her with iron bars. She ended up with several injuries including a broken jaw. Our politicians may attempt to ignore it, for the sake of not upsetting their constituents, but our judicial system has to recognise that threats against critics of Islam have to be taken seriously.
Enough is enough, please join us on Thursday in the sentencing of the Dewsbury terrorists to prevent another attempt to attack innocent civilians:
The Old Bailey
June 6th 2013

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