Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tommy Robinson: I am not a Nazi!

From SheikYerMami

Tommy accused of being a “Nazi”

by SHEIKYERMAMI on JUNE 16, 2013
‘I am not a Nazi’, says EDL leader Tommy Robinson
The head of the English Defence League has insisted that he is not a Nazi and that his movement is backed by serving British soldiers.
Yet another media scumbag by the name of Andrew Neil does a hatchet job on Tommy Robinson, the only thing that stands between the dhimmi and the caliphate. Needless to mention that these yellow bellied weasels  would never dare to interrupt and accuse the radical headbangers that infest Britain of being Islamofascist thugs.
Tommy Robinson, who is the organisation’s co-founder, was grilled about the EDL in a highly charged interview on the BBC’s Sunday Politics.
Confronted by images of EDL supporters giving what appeared to be Nazi salutes, Mr Robinson said it was a “manipulated photo”.
Here it is:
Even More Shit Being Shovelled on the EDL

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