Tuesday, 25 June 2013

UK Vacation For Saudi Hate Preacher ... but not Geller and Spencer?

Published on Jun 23, 2013
Muhammad al Arifi, a Saudi based cleric & teacher is seen here in a Mosque/Masjid in Egypt supporting the revolution in Syria, and the Masjid's attendants engage in slogans offered in support

Published on Jun 25, 2013
Sheikh Mohammed Al-Arifi who has called for jihad against Shias and Alawites in Syria and also has called for non-Sunnis to be raped by was attacked and beaten up in the streets of London England by two Iraqi citizens who recognized him.

Why is he allowed to visit the UK and yet people who fight for freedom of speech; Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are being banned from entering Great Brittan. The British people need to ask why this hate preacher is allowed into the United Kingdom, but others are not.

Atlas Shrugs

Pamela Geller:
"I have been banned in Britain. My crime? My principled dedication to freedom. I am a human rights activist dedicated to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and individual rights for all before the law. I fiercely oppose violence and the persecution and oppression of minorities under supremacist law. I deplore violence and work for the preservation of freedom of speech to avoid violent conflict.
I have never been convicted of any crime. I have never been arrested. I became a writer and activist in the wake of 911.
For this I am banned. I shed no tears. I am banned from Mecca, too.
The Home Secretary said that my being in the UK was "not conducive to the public good.” Banning those who speak in defense of freedom is "not conducive to the public good." It is painfully apparent that the action of the British authorities will have the opposite effect of what they had intended. They have lit a fuse. And instead of allowing a respectful laying of flowers in memory of Lee Rigby on Armed Forces day, they have given rise and sanction to poison like this (below).

Our banning is like a patient on life support refusing medical treatment."

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