Tuesday, 2 July 2013

All Day and All Night Ramadan!

British Channel 4 To Interrupt Programming for the Islamic  
"Call To Prayer" Throughout 
the month of Ramadan

... I Do Luv British Telie!

A mainstream British TV channel said yesterday it would broadcast the Muslim call to prayer throughout the month of Ramadan.

From July 9, Channel 4 will cut into its schedule to show the three-minute call to prayer, or azan, live.

The channel’s decision comes as Britain is experiencing community tensions in the wake of the brutal murder of a British soldier.

Two Muslim converts have been charged with the murder. The number of attacks on Muslims rose sharply after the killing in May and several mosques have been targeted.

As well as on television, Channel 4 viewers will be able to watch the call to prayer on the station’s website, where it will play automatically at prayer times throughout the day.

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