Monday, 29 July 2013

British Politics: Kissing The Black Stone!

Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League appearing on cable TV’s #1 rated news show, the Bill O’Reilly Report, last night. Robinson asserts Muslim immigrants are over-running the country, and worse, just outright refusing to assimilate to British culture. He mocks Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron for his inability to tackle the rising problem of Islamization of Britain. 

If we bury our heads in the sand we are sleep walking into oblivion in this country… It seems like they’re terrified of them [Muslims] and they pander to them. 

David Cameron our president is like the boy who has been bullied, and he’s trying to make friends with the bully cause he’s too scared to stand up to him. 

They’re constantly pandering to Islam, and constantly worried about what the Islamic community will do, and how they will react to anything.

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