Sunday, 7 July 2013

Elite Israeli Corp Deploy Decisive Weapons ... Mitvah Tanks!

Mobile Mitzvah Centers' most famous and endearing contribution to Israeli life is the fearless, faithful companionship given by the ubiquitous Mitzvah Tanks to Israeli Defense Forces soldiers under fire since the late 60's. 

For decades, the Mitzvah Tanks have enjoyed their well-earned special security clearance to war zones, hostile territory and military bases, spiritually serving their Jewish comrades in arms—often on the front lines, and often literally—throughout Israel's recent history.

The friendly Chabadniks of the Mitzvah Tanks bring the mitzvot of tefillin, prayer, and Shabbat candles, the exhilaration and joy of the Jewish holidays, or just coffee and cake, encouraging words and listening ears, to far-flung military outposts from the Lebanese frontier to the Sinai Desert, and everywhere in between.

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