Friday, 19 July 2013

Esra ... I'm Coming For You!!!

... Send Me The Money?
... I Mean ... uh ... Send Me The Money By PayPal!
... I Mean ... uh ... Send Me The Money!
... Well I Mean ... uh ... I ... uh
... Ezra, I'm Coming For You!
... ????

Occupy Toronto’s Livestreamers showed-up at Ryerson University again last night for a follow-up to their 80 hour fundraiser. It seems they made a rather big mistake over the weekend- telling people to send their money to a PayPal account that wasn’t under their control. They have no idea who has the money, so they broadcast another show to warn their viewers and to tell them to ask PayPal to withdraw their payment and resend it to their real account.

On the last day of the 80 hour fundraiser Davyn jokingly challenged Levant to a boxing match- saying, that if he won, Levant would have to stop broadcasting. So, on the surface, it appears that his statement “I’m coming for you” may not have been as serious as it sounded. That said, there’s been a lot of hate directed towards Levant by the radical left- it’s not totally out of the question that some rogue person has been radicalised to the point where they’d do something stupid.

Right after Davyn made his statement towards Levant his wife, Cathy Walker (who attended Swamp Line 9 with her husband), chimed in with what was most definitely a threat towards me:
“And Greg for you too”
Davyn, being a bit more sensible than to make public threats, responded to his wife saying:
“No just Ezra…”

This latest threat has now been reported both to Ryerson University (whose security department is investigating) and to Toronto police. I’m currently waiting for a response from both. It’s unknown if the Livestreamers were using Ryerson’s network, but there doesn’t appear to be any other option from where they were sitting (I’ve tested).

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