Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Good Morning Starshine ... The Earth Says Hello!

Palestinians Set the Tone For Peace

... Good Morning Starshine
... Our Bombs Say " Shalom "
... Jews Blow Up In Front Of Us
... We Laugh and Go Home

Peace In Our Time:

Just Say No To Talks With The Zionist Entity!
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine rejected new peace talks with Israel just hours before their scheduled resumption in Washington on Monday after a three-year break.

The leftist PFLP, a major faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization, said that talks' resumption was a unilateral move by President Mahmoud Abbas which did not have the backing of the PLO as a whole.

"The PFLP is against a return to negotiations," said one of the party's leaders, Khalida Jarrar.

"It is an individual move," she said, in allusion to Abbas.

"These talks will be presided over by the United States, just like Oslo 20 years ago," she said of the negotiations that led up to the 1993 accords for limited self-rule.

Good Morning Starshine

(Let Us) ... Stand In Your Light!

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