Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hail To The Chief: "Superfluous" ... "Just An Employee"

"The Muslim Brotherhood is part of the fabric of Egyptian society.
They are just one of its parties.
They are invited to initigrate into the nation and 
be part of it and they should not exclude anybody.
If they answer the call they will be welcomed."

Adly Monsour
... All Hail The Chief! 
... But Who Is He?
One Arabic news blog called him a “mystery man,” another said  “little information” was known about him, and the largest state-owned newspaper in Egypt ran a biography that summarized his career in fewer than 150 words. As chief justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt, Adli Mansour is set to succeed President Mohamed Morsi and lead Egypt through an indefinite interim period after taking an oath on Thursday.

With more than 20 years as deputy chief justice of the court, Justice Mansour, 67, was named chief justice after his predecessor retired last week — on the same day that demonstrations erupted throughout Egypt calling on Mr. Morsi to step down. Justice Mansour now finds himself in a position that may permit him to play a central role in writing the next chapter of Egypt’s tumultuous revolution. But with no prior presence on Egypt’s political or public scene, many experts said, Justice Mansour could serve as little more than a figurehead.
“He’s superfluous, just an honorary president,” said Negad el-Borai, a lawyer and human rights activist. “He is just an employee.”

“They summoned him and he responded,” said Mr. Borai, adding that Egypt’s military will be the true arbiter of power in the coming period.

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