Thursday, 4 July 2013

I'll Have Some Shaved Pastrami and That Hand Grenade Looks Nice!

Rennes after another attack, a traditional butcher is replaced by a halal trade

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Published on July 4, 2013 by Stephane Bornat 
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A Breton mall made about him after yet another attack on a traditional butcher and its replacement by a halal trade. This merchant has received death threats openly and the police did not lift a finger despite the many calls for help.
In France, several butcher suffered the same attacks but what is interesting is to see how the forces of order, so under the orders of the state, react to the victims. I will not speak of halal butcher atomized in Corsica, the state is not even powerless to protect himself.

The last butcher to have been attacked for religious reasons is Sarcelles. It is a kosher business in which a grenade was thrown plaster. Seven people had been quickly interpelées and an Islamist cell dismantled. All the press had spoken and relayed the information as and when.

I rather not go into a debate about the fact that it was an act to the Jews, but I note only that the state can, when he wants to, deploy enormous resources to fight against the attacks to Islamist other communities.

This proves that the state of the current attacks on our Rennes butcher deliberately chose not to intervene and the media not to cover this information except for the local newspaper.
Why the state has he not made similar means?
Why are you local councilors despite requests from residents?
Because in this story is perhaps a bearded thirty excited that imposed sharia thousands of residents with the tacit approval of dozens of police officers and elected officials . There was no opposition from the authorities, not even a beginning.
So why focus on a few Islamic Republic when abdicated by laziness and cowardice? Officials and police officers are elected because they are supposed to be the guarantors of the republican order.Bearded have only to take a left.
Now, what role we must take to not let the abandoned these bearded Republic? It concerns us all ...

Stéphane Bornat

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