Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Immigrant Bulgarians Love and Native Muslims Hate ... Work!

I Owe,
I Owe,
Its Off To Collect The Dole!

aka (to us):
 ... Taking a Piss! 
aka (to them):
... Jihadi Allowance!

Published on Jul 23, 2013
The UK's rising rich-and-poor gap is fuelled by immigration, with foreign workers willing to take jobs for lower wages. And that's led to calls to tighten EU immigration. 

Published on Feb 19, 2013
The UK government has gone completely mad and insane.
The British people are forced to pay for thousands of immigrants, legal and illegal who have nothing but disdain and hatred for those same people working hard day and night so they can use their 'benefits' to undermine and destroy Great Britain.

Islamic fascist and hate monger Anjem Choudary was busted by a secret camera giving a speech to British Muslims that he scrounges government and welfare benefits for him and his family while he campaigns and does jihad against England and the West. He mockingly advises all MUslems in England to do the same and calls it "Jihad Seekers Allowance". He then goes on the radio and is very dodgy, and want answer questions directly after he was busted, caught red handed saying he was a scrounger for Allah and the destruction of the English way. See link below;


Choudary then goes on to explain that the Shahaba, companions of Muhammad, were lay abouts, slobs, and lazy pirates and robbing thieves who would only work ONE day out of the month, but spent most of their time raiding caravans, making war, stealing and living off that and the jizya tax that Muslims imposed on Christians and Jews. Meanwhile atheists and pagans were killed.

Why has the government of the United Kingdom allow this to happen? Creating leeches who sponge and scrounge off the hard workers of Great Brittan because they want diversity and multiculturalism. The ideal of multicultural society is official dead...well it should be, but knowing socialists, liberals and the Labour Party...this is only the beginning. Where is the outrage from the progressive media?

UK: Statistics on People of working age with no qualifications

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