Thursday, 25 July 2013

Kurdish Refugees Just Say "NO" To Swedish Security Police

“When Sapo finds out that an asylum seeker has information about the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), it gives him two options: Deportation or Cooperation,”
... I Think These Guys Are Going For Option Number One!

Sweden – When two Kurdish refugees in Sweden refused to cooperate with the country’s security service (Sapo) to inform on fellow Kurds and Kurdish organizations, they soon found that saying ‘no’ was not an option.
The pair, identified as Adam and Matin, this month told their stories of harassment, repeated interrogations and threats of deportation on the Sweden’s state radio.
They told audiences that the security police had threatened to revoke their refugee status if they did not comply with their demands, and that they were unlawfully summoned numerous times for interrogation.
Fredrick Nelson, a spokesman for Sapo, dismissed the allegations by the Kurdish activists. “Sapo doesn’t interfere in personal lives nor does it pressure anyone,” he claimed.The security services also released a statement rejecting the allegations. 
“We don’t have any direct interference in the lives of those who immigrate to Sweden. This matter is only related to the immigration department,” the statement read, “Sapo only interferes when someone is a suspect of terrorism.”
However, Giolio argued that some Kurds who take refuge in Sweden are ready to expose sensitive information about their political parties in order to pursue their refugee claim. As a result,  they become of interest to Sapo.

 Giolio explained. 

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