Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Letter Home From Your Loving Son

Hi Mom and Dad,

I knew that you'd be concerned about me so thought I'd take a quick moment to shoot you a line to let you know that I am well and dong fine.

It's been a long flight and I'm a bit jet lagged but I have to tell you that the Middle East is really fabulous.  ... so much culture and history!

I really haven't got my travelling legs underneath me yet!  I'm afraid my body clock is still working on Canadian time but I did step out of the hotel this morning to get my first taste of local living.

Thank god for my camera!

Life here is so exotic and quite a bit different from Winnipeg. ... Well "Vive la difference" as they say!

I've uploaded a video so that you can see just how really fantastic it is over here! ... I'm really digging it!

Video Here

LUV U Soooo Much!


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