Monday, 1 July 2013

London Police Escort School Children Through Sharia Zone

Show me the way to go home,
I'm tired and I don't want to be
Raped, Stabbed or Beheaded

SchoolsWatch is to be rolled out across the East End with 12 secondaries signing up.

A pilot kicks off at Bethnal Green Academy tomorrow with youngsters being accompanied along monitored routes by neighbourhood police officers, teachers and volunteer sixform ‘student wardens’.
The Met’s Borough Commander for Tower Hamlets, Chief Supt Dave Stringer, said: “This will help security and increase the perception of safety as well as contribute to a sense of well being.”

The scheme involves mapping safer routes between schools and bus-stops, including whatever CCTV is available, then recommending those routes to the youngsters.

It also includes ‘safe havens’ such as shops, businesses, social housing sites or other suitable venues to give temporary refuge for a child if needed. The ‘safe havens’ were introduced by London Citizens last summer in the school neighbourhood around Columbia Road and Hackney Road.
School principal Mark Keary said: “The safety of our children is every adult’s responsibility. This scheme protects them and also develops a sense of civic responsibility.”

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