Monday, 1 July 2013

Muslim Apologists for Child Sex Grooming

Muslim Community Apologists for Sex Grooming:

“Grooming Young Children For Sex
and Exploitation of “OUR” Children Sexually 
Is Totally Unacceptable"!

“We Must Do Everything Possible To Protect “OUR” Children"

... You know, ... I believe him!

Individual Muslim Apologists for Sex Grooming:

... "The Cause "Is Not Islamic Values"!
... "The Real Cause Is The Liberal Values In The Society 
We Are Living In".
... "What We Need Are "More Islamic Values"!

Muslim M.P. Apologists for Sex Grooming:

... “It Is Absolutely Vital That People Are Held To Account”
You mean the perpetrators and those who foment these vile acts, right? ... No? ... 

... “Directors of Social Services, Council Chief Executives and Leaders Need To Be Aware That Parliament Is Still Watching Them”!

So, This Means You Are Throwing Social Services Under The Bus?   ...   W.T.F. ???

Non-Muslim, Non-Apologist: Facts on Child Sex Grooming

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