Thursday, 18 July 2013

Muslim Patrol Harassing Locals Again

Hindu's Are Subject To Muslim Harassment
 ... even in India!

This is the situation of Hyderabad, look at these pictures and subtitles show how these people feel in doing such things. They feel privileged at doing such cruel things to the people of Hyderabad. Harassing and intimidating the youth of Hyderabad on the lines of religion that too under the gaze of video shoot shows what kind of respect they for the law of the land. 
Government of Andhra Pradesh should wake up from its deep slumber and set right the things in the old city of Hyderabad which reached medieval days under MIM's goonda raj which is encouraging the muslim youth to do any illegal activity against Hindus so that they will take care of them. 
By doing so, it is netting these youth into their political web as these youth have no chance any proper employment due to the criminal charges on them. 
MIM is playing very dirty politics in India which is endangering the integrity of the nation.

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