Thursday, 18 July 2013

Muslims Gather At Temple Mount For Ramadan

Apparently Ramadan Prayers Include Curses and Death To Jews

Published on Jul 18, 2013

"Innocent" Arab demonstrators try to lynch Israeli Jewish civilians at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, Israel.

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A frenzied Arab mob smashed car windshields with rocks and pieces of wood, as Jews drove by Jerusalem’s Damascus (Shechem) Gate Tuesday night, with several of the perpetrators arrested by Jerusalem Police, Israel’s Channel 7 reported on Thursday, citing video recorded by the assailants and uploaded to the internet.
The video, posted on the “Free Qudss” accounts on YouTube and Facebook, begins with the statement: “Destroying the settlers cars and arrests.” The narrator claims the recording was made on Tuesday evening.

This latest video comes the day after a Jew was stabbed in the same area of Jerusalem. Channel 7 said similar scenes of mayhem are becoming increasingly frequent in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel; today Jewish residents of the Abu Tor neighborhood woke up to find the tires of their cars slashed in an apparent attack by Arab extremists. Meanwhile, the Mount of Olives for example, site of an ancient Jewish cemetery, has become a danger zone, with Jews afraid to approach their ancestors’ graves.

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