Friday, 26 July 2013

Reading Writing and ... Fornicating?

... Don't Read That Stuff!
... You'll Go Blind!

'Porn' textbooks pulled from Indonesia elementary schools

Textbooks that were being used in Indonesian elementary schools have been withdrawn after they were found to contain a story about an erotic encounter in a brothel, an official said Thursday.
Outraged parents in the conservative, Muslim-majority country complained their children were being exposed to "porn" after the discovery of the tale entitled "The Shepherd Boy and Wolf Mother".
The story, in Indonesian language reading books being used by 11-year-olds, is about a man overcome with lust when he meets a woman at a brothel selling sex to support her child, who lives in her distant home village.
"In the dimly lit place where women sell their bodies, his Adam's apple bobbed up and down upon seeing the beauty of the woman," read the story.
"She trembled in the arms of the man, and just like the flourescent lights in the room, she felt that she herself was on fire."

The text was lifted from a blog and reprinted in the textbooks, which were bought by schools in Bogor, a city on the outskirts of Jakarta, from street stalls for around $3.

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