Friday, 19 July 2013

Rizing To The Occasion ... at 92!

... It's Hobby!

It looks like a regular Iraqi wedding - until you see the bride and groom.

Ninety-two-year-old Muslai Mohammed is old enough to be his wife's great-grandfather.

The widower decided to remarry so he instructed his sons to find him a wife.

And they obliged with 22-year-old Muna Al-Jabouri.

[Muslai Mohammed, 92-Year-Old Bridegroom]:

"I remained alone when my wife died; there was nobody to share anything with. I wanted to have a good time, have some pleasure, but there was nothing. Then God brought her to me and this is for my pleasure."

But it's not clear whether Mohammed is there for Al-Jabouri's pleasure.

She agreed to marry the nonagenarian after seeing photographs of him and she says it was her fate.

Mohammed has 18 children and several of his sons practice polygamy, which they refer to as 'a hobby'.

This has led to an extended family of 325 members.

And it seems the so-called "hobby" is catching on - Mohammed says he's ready to marry again if he can find another woman.

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