Thursday, 4 July 2013

Twists of Tongues In The Government of David Cameroon

In his book Celsius 7/7: How The West’s Policy Of Appeasement Has Provoked Yet More Fundamentalist Terror – And What Has To Be Done Now, Prime Minister Cameron’s current Education Secretary Michael Gove said in reference to those who criticised fundamentalist Islam:

“Instead, in a curious inversion, the energy that should be devoted to analysing and combating a totalitarian challenge is directed towards those campaigning against those who dare to take the threat seriously.” (Page 3, Celsius 7/7)

It therefore came as a surprise that Mr Gove’s Cabinet colleague Theresa May, in a ‘curious inversion’ of her own, approved the banning of anti-sharia human rights advocates Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the UK. Mr Cameron himself, of course, is apparently a supporter of the street thugs of the euphemistically named Unite Against Fascism (UAF) based on his un-repudiated endorsement of the UAFs founding statement. Indeed the UAF itself is an example of a group that suffers from Gove’s ‘curious inversion’.

The policy of the Cameron Government seems to be to support and encourage Islamism both at home and abroad. This is illustrated by his encouragement of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, his support for the Syrian Rebels, and his willingness to engage in peace talks with the Taliban.

 It is also illustrated by his bowing to the Islamist elements that called for the banning of Geller and Spencer from Britain and the banning of Tommy Robinson from walking the streets of his own capital city. Where is Cameron’s support for moderate Muslims? He seems to be consistent in his support of extreme elements and as a result moderate Muslims and the rest of us suffer.

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