Sunday, 21 July 2013

United And Fascist: ... "British Military Are Legitimate Targets"

Connection between UAF and Islamist extremists highlighted

Speaking at the rally, the legendary leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson addressed the EDL supporters saying,

“Every time we demonstrate we are followed by the UAF."

“The Chief in command of the UAF, when people see frustrations boiling over like this…let me explain why. I’ll explain why. Azad Ali, who's the second in command of the UAF is on record as saying that British military are legitimate targets."

Digital Journal was previously the only news agency to reveal that Drummer Lee Rigby Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo had been a speaker at a UAF organised counter-protest in Harrow in 2009.

The far-left UAF is supported by many in the British establishment including Prime Minister David Cameron.

Tommy goes on to say, “They are a government funded organisation and he attended sermons by Abu Qatada! And with all the planning we have with the police forces, we ask that they are kept away from us. We do not want to see them. And every time they are within distance they are throwing bottles into our demonstration – every time.”

 United Against What?
 ... Fascists?
 ... The UAF Are The Fascists!

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